These are the groups links to Stakeholders, sponsors and web sites of interest. Please pay them a visit: -

Sci-bono Discovery centre

This is the Sci Bono discovery centres web site. They are the sponsor of the the HABEX launches.

RF Designs

has come on board and are donating various components to the HABEX team. We are sincerely grateful to them for their generosity. You are encouraged to visit their web site to view their Wireless Data Communications, RF / Microwave component and Sub-system’s components. We will be providing additional information on the components used shortly.

Edge Of Space Sciences

This group operates in the USA and performs flights in much the same way as NASA. They have regular flights and take up equipment and projects for anyone wanting to send up a package.

South Africa Radio League

The South African Radio Leagues home page

S.A. Weather and Disaster Information Service, South Africa

This service consist of amateur radio operators and private citizens around the country that volunteered the use of their weather and radio stations, weather and disaster photographs, data and information for educational and research purposes. The SAWDIS is a non profit organization that renders a FREE COMMUNITY BASED SERVICE to who ever needs the information.

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