Jan 30

CAMU approval for 25 April 2015 Flight obtained

Reference Number: BL 20/01-1
Company Name: High Altitude Balloon Experiment (HABEX)
Contact Person: Chris Gryffenberg
Telephone Number: 0835435668
Email Address:: zs6cog@gmail.com
Type of Operation: Unmanned Balloon
Dates of Requirement: 25 Apr 2015
Duration of the Operations: (0400Z-1000Z) 06:00L – 12:00L
Area/Location name: FALI
Area of operation: 261000 S 0261100 E      R138 MMV 40.7NM
Vertical limits of the area: UNL
Transponder type: NONE
Aircraft type: Unmanned Balloon
Aircraft registration:
Additional Comments: HABEX-10 will form part of the Global Space Balloon Challenge, an international effort to launch unmanned balloons around the world in a predetermined time frame.The payload is an Amateur Radio Payload with APRS (Automated Position Reporting System) updating on aprs.fiThe launch vehicle is a gas filled meteorological balloon with a radar reflector attached to the payload.

Materials used in the payload are plastics, electronics and batteries with GPS receiver and radio transmitter.

The color of the balloon is Latex Coloured.

Size is 2M in diameter at Ground Level and 11 Meters in Diameter at Burst

Tracking is achieved using APRS (Automated Positioning Reporting System) via internet on the website aprs.fi. Tracking Provides heading, height above ground level and speed.


ATC/Airspace Requirements:

WE HAVE NO OBJECTIONS PROVIDED: CAMU has initiated NOTAM action for this operation.
THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS TO BE MET: Contact Johannesburg ATC 30 minutes prior to commencement of operation on Tel: 011 928 6454, to advise them of your intentions and coordinate your operation.
SIGNED: Zwelinzima Cira / Martin Cooper
DATE: 29 January 2015