Jun 27

Photo Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations to our winner of the HABEX 09, picture contest. Shown is Michael Roodt, ZS6BHF and his teenage daughter tracking the HABEX-09 on APRS and talking via a handie talkie to other radio hams.


This picture wins because it showcases three aspects of amateur radio which we subsribe to:

  • Portability / Mobility – IN the vehicle with a handie talkie – Now tha is HAM radio.
  • Menotring & Coaching – A dad showing the apple of his eye the ropes in amateur radio.
  • Technology – Blending different technologies together and enjoying the hobby on the move.
The winner of our HABEX-09 Photo contest

The winner of our HABEX-09 Photo contest

We will be sending Michael his Timewave DSP 59+ addition for the shack soon.

Congratulations Michael and best 73



HABEX -09 signing off!!