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Check out

This 15 minute video depicts the whole of our adventure in an excellently edited video.

Thanks to the guys of HOUSE 4 HACk for this AWESOME vid……


Jun 27

Photo Contest Winner Announced

The winner of our HABEX-09 Photo contest

Congratulations to our winner of the HABEX 09, picture contest. Shown is Michael Roodt, ZS6BHF and his teenage daughter tracking the HABEX-09 on APRS and talking via a handie talkie to other radio hams.   This picture wins because it showcases three aspects of amateur radio which we subsribe to: Portability / Mobility – IN …

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Jun 12

Assistance Needed: HABEX -09


I am urgently looking for a Pretoria based radio amateur to assist a school in participating in the HABEX-09 Flight on 14 June 2014.   Please contact H/S Langenhoven to make arrangements:   Teacher Name: Mr. Conna Dreyer – ZS6CHD Head of Department: Mr. C Cavanaugh Principal: Mr. JE Delaport   Contact Details: Tel: 012 …

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Jun 05 2014

HABEX-09 set for 14 June 2014

On 31 May the HABEX and HAG team performed a final test for the HABEX-09 flight targeted for 14 June 2014   Tests concluded positive and a number of shortcomings were identified. These issues will be rectified for the flight on 14 June 2014. Radio Amateur Operators are requested to call their local schools and …

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